Bem Game

What the computer will decide to show us our intuition already knows.


This game shows two curtains. One on the left side, the other on the right side. Behind one of them has been hidden a photograph. Using your intuition, you must figure out which of these curtains hides the photograph. If you’ve discovered where the photo is, it is displayed as you open the curtain you’ve selected. At each trial, the game picks a new image and places it behind one of the two curtains randomly.

The game includes photos of places. These have the specificity of being… rather common, in the sense that they don’t trigger any particular emotion. Quite at the opposite, the game also includes pictures which involve emotions. At each trial, a picture – either dull or emotional – is selected.

The emotion-inducing photos can be of four types. Thus the game proposes four separate modes : the Positive Mode displays positive emotion pictures of happiness, laughter and joy. The Negative Mode displays emotionally violent or distasteful pictures. The Male Erotic Mode displays emotionally arousing pictures of that style. Same principle for the Female Erotic Mode.

The little twist of the game

The laws of probability would have you succeed on average half the time, that is, in 50% of trials. However your scores will show you that reality is more complex. In particular, your intuition will lead you to perceive and pin down the emotional pictures more often than the standard ones of places. And depending on your personality, one or two modes will be more in your favor. For instance, it has been proven that in the Erotic mode, on average, one succeeds 53% of times in finding the emotionally impactant pictures, and 51% of times in finding the location pictures.

Furthermore, as for any intuition game in this Classics edition, every choice made by the app is achieved in a random manner after you’ve made your own.

Here you go ! Test the various game options and find out which mode is your favorite and maximizes your success.

Why Bem ?

Daryl Bem, a distinguished American psychologist of Cornell University, became interested in intuitive phenomena in the early 90’s. He focused especially on the retroactive influences affecting our knowledge and emotions – in other words, the decisions we make on the ground of informations we intuitively perceive in the future.

Previous research by other scientists had already shown the existence of such phenomena, occuring consciously or unconsciously (see, for example, the Radin Game). Bem designed novel experiments by adapting well estabished experimental protocols of psychology. His results have once again shown the reality of these effects in a statistically significant way. They were published in 2010 in a major international journal of psychology.

It is one of these experiments that we have adapted here, in which a non conscious strategy of either attraction or avoidance is observed in players, depending on the selected mode.

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