Puthoff Game

Using your intuitive sight, unmask the cover agents !


This game first shows you a blank screen. Behind the screen, actually, is a spy, hiding in an office room plunged into darkness. It’s now up to you to locate the spy using your intuition. Touch the area where you believe the spy is hiding. Then the spy will become visible.

Each time you find the spy, you score : 10 points if you’re right on the target, i.e. at the spy image center, 1 point if you’re at the edge, and between 2 and 9 points otherwise, depending on how accurate your location of the image was relative to its center. If you touch outside the spy image, you lose points. You lose all the more points as your choice is far from the target’s center.

The game then asks you to play again. In the meantime, it randomly changes the position of the spy image within the screen. If you made a hit on the previous trial, the image size will be shrinked to enhance the challenge and make things less easy. Conversely, if you missed the target it will enlarge the image.

The little twist of the game

The human being is naturally endowed with the capacity to locate things by intuition. Numerous scientific studies, and thus several games of this Intuition Classics edition, reflect this reality.

Intuition may turn out to be vital in certain critical situations in life, and enables us to make the right decision at the right time. Men have used this capacity since the dawn of humanity to situate water springs, ore deposits, missing objects or persons, treasures, ennemy « targets », or even to establish a medical diagnosis. In the course of the 20th century civil and military spying also got hold of it, and in an in-depth way, notably in the USA and former USSR.

Why Puthoff ?

Harold Puthoff is an American engineer and physicist, graduated from Stanford University, specialist of lasers and quantum electronics. His renown in the field of intuition is due to the fact that he created and directed, at Stanford Research International (SRI) in the 1970’s et 80’s, a research program driven by major american intelligence organizations – CIA and DIA.

This program, known as Star Gate, focused on the lesser-known capacities of the human mind. This research, conducted with his colleague Russel Targ (see Targ Game) and painter Ingo Swann (see Swann Game), led to to the development of the remote viewing (RV) protocol. RV, the star protocol of applicative intuition, allows one to describe sites, objects or events remotely. In the context of the Cold War this method enabled the US Army and intelligence community to identify or pinpoint a certain number of targets of interest. The Star Gate project was shut down in 1995.

In 1985, Hal Puthoff has also founded the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin, Texas, where fundamental research on quantum gravitation, vacuum zero-point energy, and highly prospective applications, is carried out.

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