Radin Game

Mobilize your free will in an experiment that explores the nature of time !


This game shows you several cards, viewed from behind and laid out in a carousel-like circle that you can set in motion. One of these cards, on its hidden side, bears the photograph of a place. It is the card you must identify among the cards being displayed, using your intuition.

At each trail, the game randomly selects one of the cards and turns it over. If it is the card you have chosen, you’ve got a hit.

The game starts with a choice of two cards. As you move along and succeed, the number of cards will increase. It will upgrade from two to three cards, then four, and so on, hence making the challenge harder and more interesting. You need to succeed three times in a row with a certain number of cards to reach a higher card number. But watch out ! If you make wrong decisions you’ll step down to a lesser choice of cards. As you progress, the card carousel thus evolves to offer you a larger or smaller number of cards.

The little twist of the game

Usually in a game like this one, when a given number of cards is proposed (say, N cards), the player has a 1 over N probability to find the correct one by pure chance (for 2 cards : 1 in 2 ; for 3 cards: 1 in 3, and so on). But wait ! In the version you’re about to play you’ll face an extra challenge : at each trial one of the cards (never the same) sees its probability of being flipped vary. In other words, the probability that this card be chosen by the game is sometimes lower or higher than what it should be. In sum, the game is tricked, like a loaded or imperfectly balanced die, different at every trial.

Will you manage to cope with this changing probability and, using your intuition, pinpoint the solution card whatever the situation ?

Furthermore, two places shown in the photographs you may encounter are special : when one of them is the solution card and you’ve found it, it immediately grants you access to the upper level. Will you be able to make use this helping hand ?

We’re convinced you can. Go for it !

Why Radin ?

This game is derived from an experiment designed in the late 80’s by American researcher Dean Radin, director at the Institute of Noetics Sciences in California. In the original version, the player had to predict which image, among 6 masked options, would be chosen by the computer. In a later version, an online test taken by hundreds of thousands of people, the player had to choose one card among 5. The new thing in these experiments is that the algorithm randomly modifies at each trial the probabilities of appearance of the images. This trick allowed Radin to scientifically explore the following question : does intuition perceive a probable future or a future that already exists ? Question related to the nature of time and to the existence of free will and fate. Radin’s experimental evidence provides food for thought : the future’s out there but doesn’t appear to be unique nor frozen. The adventure is on the move !

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