Blitz Intuition Games

To win, your intuition is your best ally ! Experience it for yourself !

Four games to develop your intuition

Blitz app In Deep Blue, put yourself in the shoes of chess great Master Garry Kasparov, and relive his historical games versus the supercomputer Deep Blue. You’ll have no other choice than to listen to your intuition, and you will even play certain moves in a blind mode !

If you’re bad at mental maths Focus Level 3 is for you ! This game shows that intuition excels at knowing answers to undoable calculations.

Left ? Right ? When we hesitate, we must trust our intuition. In
Meditation Doors, let your inner voice guide you and doors will open before you in a fluid way.

Baba Nuki is the japanese version of Old Maid. In this game you must feel which card to pick in order to make a pair.


In all these four games, you’ll touch base with your intuition and will learn how to use it better… in chess, in other games, as well as in all aspects of your life.
Also, you will help scientists who wish to understand how it works.

Deep Blue

Relive the winning moves of Garry Kasparov versus the super computer Deep Blue.

Put yourself in the shoes of a chess Great Master ! In Deep Blue you relive actual games of the famous 1996-1997 matches where Garry Kasparov confronted the super computer Deep Blue.

The time to make your decisions is very short so that you’ll have no other choice than to follow your intuition ! Certain moves will be blind.

And to make things even more challenging, in one mode, all chess pieces will appear white !

Focus Level 3

What your logical mind can’t handle anymore your intuition knows !

Focus Level 3 is inspired by an experiment conducted by Israelian scientist Marius Usher, showing that intuition is more efficient than logical mind to solve complex puzzles when there’s no time to think. No matter how difficult the problem, our intuition knows the answer.

Practice, and you won’t be scared by apparently unsolvable problems anymore !

Meditation Doors

Open the perception doors and experience the intuitive flow !

Left ? Right ? Here or there ? Often in our lives, we face dilemmas and hesitate. In such situation, our intuition is very likely to be our best adviser.

With Meditation Doors, let it guide you and open the doors ahead of you, in the fluidity brought by the consciousness flow and self confidence.

Baba Nuki

Thanks to intuition, no need to cheat to pick the right card.

Baba Nuki is a japanese card game similar to Old Maid. A deck of 51 cards, and you must rapidly make pairs that you discard.

How can you feel which card is the one you need ?

In the hope of winning, some leave it up to chance, others attempt to cheat. But there’s a third way – by far the best, explaining why some people are lucky at games : to follow the compass of intuition.

Created in 2019, IWA (The Rock in Japanese) is the publishing house of the Monegasque company Shibuya Productions.

Its first title Blitz is a manga, shonen category, original whose plot is located in the very hushed world of chess.

By creating a manga on this theme, Cedric Biscay has aroused the interest of a major player in this universe. Mr. Garry Kasparov, undisputed chess master, who agreed to supervise and sponsor the series.

Blitz is the result of a close collaboration between Monaco, Japan and the USA, allowing the teams to work together according to Japanese production techniques for a manga. IWA published 3 volumes in only 1 year, a real performance in the publishing world. The success is there since the first volume has already been reprinted and has sold more than 10,000 copies on the French market alone. In Japan the title is available via the very famous Shonen Jump.

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