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iRiS Intuition Consulting

For eleven years, iRiS Intuition Consulting, based in Paris, has provided consultancy services using intuitive information-seeking abilities – specifically via the Remote Viewing protocol – to provide our clients and partners with answers and solutions to their problematics. These clients have been private companies or publicly-funded organizations, in a wide range of areas – innovation, creativity, decision-making in industrial, banking, archeological, artistic, judiciary or NGO contexts.

Meanwhile, iRiS has trained and informed the general public about intuition and its applications. Some workshops deal with the scientific knowledge and research related to the topic of intuition.

About a year ago, a research activity was initiated at iRiS with partners from various areas : computer sciences, psychology, physics, neurosciences, biology. Among these undergoing projects are the Intuition Games – online games designed for the general public, to be played on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Games for research

Our Intuition Games have been inspired by research conducted by several scientists since the 1930s to scientifically explore the reality of intuition and its inner workings. We have adapted as games some of these experiments.

On-line games made possible by modern technologies are interesting in several ways : they can feed research on intuition with massive data which can be analyzed using the statistical methods and tools.

In addition the numerical strength of a large group of players can be used to solve enigmas by a collective super-intuition of high reliability.

Last but not least, it has been shown that training with such games on a regular basis enables anyone to progress, make contact with his or her intuition, and learn ways to apply it more efficiently in all realms of life.