Classics Edition

Nine games to improve your intuition

Based on scientific research of the last 40 years, these nine games will help you to work and improve your intuition.

Descartes Game

Learn how to have a good fortune at games of chance.

Ryzl Game

To perceive a color without the eyes and without knowing it ? It’s possible !

Usher Game

Subconsciously, we’re all mathematics geniuses !

Puthoff Game

Using your intuitive sight, unmask the cover agents !

Targ Game

This plain game will help you build your intuition up.

Swann Game

Our hand knows beforehand what we’re about to see. Let is sketch !

Bem Game

What the computer will decide to show us our intuition already knows.

Radin Game

Mobilize your free will in an experiment that explores the nature of time !

Rhine Game

Guess the Zener cards as in the early days of pioneering Joseph Rhine.

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